Why Printed Brochures Still Matter in Marketing…

Go online and read any marketing website, and you’ll hear the same thing – online marketing is the new King of the Castle! Many sites are bold enough to claim that print and physical marketing is a dead aspect of marketing that is outdated and unnecessary…

This couldn’t be further from the truth…

The reality is that brochures and other print media are still an absolute essential element of any multi-tiered marketing campaign. Managing a successful online marketing strategy is critical – no doubt about that. But if you’re ignoring the power of face-to-face marketing alongside physical media, you’re shooting yourself in the foot!
Here are just a few reasons why print brochures are still an important element of your marketing communications strategy;

In most cases, online marketing will direct you to a Facebook page, a Twitter handle or similar social media page. Whilst the ultimate goal of these pages is to re-direct to a main website or landing page, in most cases Facebook or Twitter is what your potential customers will see first. And let’s be honest, these pages generally all look the same! Physical brochures allow a versatility to design more creatively. They can serve as the first exposure to your business or brand – and be much more dynamic and attention-grabbing than a social media page.

Introduction to a Marketing Kit
Marketing ‘kits’ are still the industry standard for showing the press and potential customers what your brand is all about. And what better way to introduce your brand than through a creatively designed printed brochure? A brochure will outline all the major components of who you are and what you do. It’s the perfect way to give readers a first look at what your marketing kit contains.

Easy, Physical Access to Information
A print brochure is a hands-on way to give leads all the critical details of your business. When a potential customer has your brochure in their hand, they don’t need to go searching for you online. Instead, they know who you are, what you do – and how to get in touch with you.
Affordable Cost
Finally, you can enjoy all the benefits that a printed brochure and similar physical marketing materials can offer – all at an affordable cost. Depending on your requirements and the amount you order, you can even get brochures that look great and leave a strong impact for just a few pence!

Succeeding in marketing on all fronts…
The resonating benefit of a physical printed company brochure is clear the moment you set it down on a desk. With a well-designed brochure outlining your company’s benefits (with an easy-to-find call-to-action with a phone number or website), you’re already one step ahead of your competitors.
Ignoring the age-old benefit of print brochures only achieves one thing for you: it limits your overall marketing impact and prevents you from reaching your full potential. You need physical marketing materials to sit alongside your online marketing. When these come together, you get a robust strategy that meets all your customer prospects no matter where they are.

To discuss your print requirements as part of an integrated marketing communications plan, please contact me Terry Cella at Tic Print Media & Design on 0208 865 1941 or email info@tic-media.co.uk.

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