Reviewing your pension contributions…

As you approach retirement, you probably want to know when you can afford to stop working. Having worked hard throughout your career you deserve to enjoy your retirement without having to worry about your finances. It may be worth reviewing your pension contributions to make sure you are taking advantage of the incentives offered by the government and your employer…
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Benefits of preparing ‘management accounts’ for small businesses…

New Year, new you? If you’re a business owner, you may have set both personal and professional goals for the year ahead. One common resolution for business owners is to get their company finances in check and keep them that way…
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Domestic Violence – No Means No! – H v F [2020] EWHC 86 (Fam)

Recently, Women’s Aid told the BBC that in their view the Family Courts were not “safe spaces for domestic and sexual abuse survivors”, following a Family Court ruling on the nature of consent in the context of a rape allegation. The background was that in 2018 a father applied to the Family Court for a contact order with his children, in defence of which the mother alleged, inter alia, that the father had raped her. The Judge at first instance dismissed the rape allegation because the woman did nothing physically to prevent her former partner penetrating her. The woman appealed for several reasons and on appeal. Ms Justice Russell, sitting in the High Court, upheld the woman’s complaint and ordered a retrial.
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Management Buy Outs – MBO’s and ‘How to Pay’ for them…

What happens when after many years of running a successful business you decide to retire?
Do you want to sell your business for the maximum price or do you want to safeguard the future of your loyal management team?
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Why should employers be aware of ‘Divorce Day’ and the season of separation?

Many people will be returning to work this week, ready to swap stories with colleagues about comical family moments over the Christmas break. A common summary including the following: overindulgence, peculiar presents, a kitchen calamity and a joke taken the wrong way…
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What is productivity and why is small company productivity the weakest link?

In simple terms, ‘Productivity’ is defined as the ability of businesses and their staff to ‘output’ more work for the same or less ‘input’! This could be a receptionist being able to answer more calls per hour, a salesperson able to make more daily appointment or a company finance team able to complete all their year end accounting in 3 weeks instead of 4!


Productivity is a core component of any company’s profitability, small or large! Research has shown that small companies rarely even bother to measure the productivity of their staff, let alone encourage, reward and foster it. Clearly companies who do more (sell more, produce more, create more, deliver more) with less time and effort or using the same resources are not only going to be more profitable but much more valuable as well.


So, how do small businesses make their staff more competent and productive? Well, to the trained eye it’s not rocket science! In the case of the salesperson, you could ask them to help train up the other sales staff and share tips on why and how they manage to sell more! Or you could help make all the sales staff more productive by reducing the paperwork they each have to do and employ a junior member of staff to do it all for them, releasing them to spend more time doing what they do best – selling!

You could train the finance team how to use their IT better – whether it be Excel or their new digital accounting software! Or, you could migrate all your customer over to electronic payments to avoid cheques being “lost in the post”, avoiding time consuming sales ledger reconciliations!

Small companies under value training and even worse substantially under estimate the ‘benefits’ impact training someone to do their job better can have – not just in terms of the amount of additional work they can do, but often with the added bonus of making them feel more valued – resulting in lower staff turnover through a greater sense of empowerment and ownership!


Having each person in your company specialise in doing one particular job for the whole team allows them to also become an expert in that job – perhaps learning to use some new technology better, perhaps change the layout of their work space, rearranging the sequence of that work so their job gets done with much less effort and more quickly. So, if everyone in the team specialised and learnt how to do that one part of the job better and with less effort, they would not only feel better at how much better they were at their job but they would also be doing that job better, more efficiently and could do their job more and more each day!

If you would like an objective, expert eye cast over your small business to determine where the quick productivity gains to be had are, please contact me John Mather at EMC Associates. I offer a FREE initial consultation to understand more about your business and your Productivity pain points!