Why Choose a Health Safety & Environment Consultant Over an Online System?

There are many online safety systems on the market, offering an alternative to using a traditional consultancy. I am often asked what are the benefits of using a dedicated health and safety consultancy, over an online system…

Personalised HSE Advice…
As a Consultant, I like to take the time to get to know your business. What this means is that when I come to visit you, I spend time understanding your business, watching your business operate and identifying potential hazards.

Hazard identification is a skill. Many individuals get confused between the terms hazard, consequence and risk. What this means is they often don’t identify the hazard, they identify the consequence. When this happens there is the very real potential of missing out implementing control measures to mitigate risk.

With an online system there are often pre-populated hazards, but they may not cover everything within your business. An HSE consultant who visits your business can see these hazards for real, and put in effective mitigation measures to control the risk.
You don’t know what you don’t know! What I mean by that is that if you do not know something is an issue or there is a regulation governing that activity, you will not know that an action is required. This means you are leaving yourself open to falling foul of the law and getting potential prosecutions which can include jail time for directors and hefty fines for companies.

Developing your HSE systems takes time. Online systems can be great for organisations who have the manpower to spread the workload. However, if you do not have the manpower an HSE consultant can take that workload away, completing it with certainty that it is thorough and, in less time, than potentially less experienced and knowledgeable members of your staff. It also means your staff are freed up to do what they do best with their core skill within your business.
External HSE Consultants are not biased. We do not care about company politics. We are not influenced by internal affairs or your past safety record. We look purely at where you are and what we need to do to help you meet your legal requirements. We can come into your business, observe, talk to your workforce and listen to their comments and suggestions, taking them on board on their own merit. This often leads to improved safety culture and buy in to your HSE management system.

Jenny Sandford is Director at Kent based Health & Safety Consultants Sandford Hodges. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please call 01843 654644 or email enquiries@sandfordhodges.com.

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