Growing your Kent Business with the help of FREE SEBB Grant Funding!

Big Orange Media believes that marketing should be more than a sum of the parts – their goal is to give businesses a unified voice across all platforms, from website design, social media content creation and creative design. Their dynamic style and personality gears them to help businesses big and small reach their full marketing potential.
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Success continues for Big Orange Media, with awards in 2017 and 2018 to recognise their achievements. With success comes the opportunity to grow – CUE South East Business Boost…
south-east-business-boost South East Business Boost is a grant available to small businesses in Kent and Medway to help them grow. It’s 30% of the cost of purchases back, to a maximum £10,000, but you must apply and be approved before you spend. Joe, the Managing Director at Big Orange Media saw the grant advertised online and submitted BOM’s application. “We wanted to develop a new aspect of our business – ‘Tunbridge Wells Talks’ – the idea is a series of videos interviewing the great and the good of Tunbridge Wells and create a digital platform to tell their story. Using our skills as digital marketing experts we’ll give people access to something they otherwise might not have. The end product would be a short video that promotes the subject, shared widely on social platforms”
Photo courtesy of ‘Visit Tunbridge Wells.’

Big Orange Media successfully applied for Computer and video equipment so watch out for the first instalment of Tunbridge Wells Talks or contact Joe if you have something you want to say!

Finally, we asked Joe to sum up his SEBB experience and whether he would recommend it to others; “Yes, absolutely, the (SEBB) grant has given us the ability to make our next idea reality, quickly. If we hadn’t got the grant the idea would have stayed an idea for much longer, now we know that although we must pay for the machines and equipment upfront, we will get 30% paid back to us which takes some of the risk away.” And would he recommend it? “yes, I did the initial eligibility questionnaire but then the business took a slightly different direction for a while. When we then did the support assessment stage, the time from that to actual grant approval was about 6 weeks and that included the Christmas break, so I was really impressed with the speed.” Joe then added, “we now mention the grant to prospective clients of ours to see if they can also benefit, especially if they’re looking to build a new website as they could get 30% of the cost back!”

To find out more about how SEBB can help your Kent business grow, email or call 03000 422675.

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