Reviewing your pension contributions…

As you approach retirement, you probably want to know when you can afford to stop working. Having worked hard throughout your career you deserve to enjoy your retirement without having to worry about your finances. It may be worth reviewing your pension contributions to make sure you are taking advantage of the incentives offered by the government and your employer…
Pension 1
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Making Tax Digital

Update on HMRC’s plans for Making Tax Digital, Benefits of Private Pension Contributions and Class 2 NIC’s.

Have you heard of it? If not, that’s no surprise! It’s the accountancy equivalent of the snow leopard, confirmed to exist but rarely seen…

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Dividends or Salary/Bonus Payments?

For several years, dividends have proven to be a tax effective way for owner/shareholders to extract profits from their company. Whilst salary and bonuses are tax-deductible for the company, and will currently save 20% corporation tax, this saving does not fully offset the substantial costs of National Insurance contributions (NIC) which accrue when making payments through the PAYE system.

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Act Now To Keep HMRC Off Your Back

Most of us who are required to submit a tax return will be well aware of the impending due date of 31st January getting closer and closer. A mandatory £100 fine is given to all those who fail to meet it as soon as you cross midnight on 31st January, and further delays and the penalties can increase up to £1600.

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