Social Distancing and Hygiene Awareness Information in the Workplace…

Adaptability may just be the best word to describe 2020! Everyone has had to change in some way or another, and none more so than businesses. Most business owners will have already been aware of their responsibilities about social distancing and hygiene in the workplace but now more than ever, this is this crucial for businesses, safety and their image…
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What is Social Distancing and Hygiene Awareness in the Workplace?
Social distancing and hygiene awareness is about making people aware of the current regulations and expectations – its about providing information to employees and members of the public visiting you about hygiene processes and social distancing for example to help keep them safe…

Most of these processes are implicit everyday things that we expect from each other, such as washing hands after going to the toilet, but they may be more specific to a certain situation, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. In this instance, hygiene awareness will also include informing employees and the public about temporary measures such as a two-metre workplace/social distancing rule.
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What if your Business doesn’t follow Social Distancing and Hygiene Awareness?
If a business fails to provide adequate social distancing and hygiene awareness in the workplace, it may be putting its employees health and that of the public at risk! The business may even be breaking the law in some circumstances, leaving it open for negligence claims.

But by maintaining these workplace standards, the business mitigates risk to others and enhances their own employer/public reputation.

What Social Distancing and Hygiene Awareness Information Products are Available?
Social distancing and hygiene awareness information is relevant to all workplaces that have employees or the public on-site. It is not something just for healthcare workers, but all office workers, shops, manufacturing and premises…
The good news it is easy to comply with social distancing and hygiene awareness by installing signs, banners, stickers, badges or by handing out informative guides and flyers. Here are some examples of the types of information products which can be used within the workplace:

Handwashing signage
One-way arrows (to direct people around your premises safely)
Open/closed stickers
Health guidance handbooks, posters and flyers
Social distancing markers and stickers
PPE identification stickers
Essential worker signs for vehicles
Sneeze guards for shop counters/desks
Healthcare and NHS support banners

Where can I buy Social Distancing and Hygiene Awareness Information Products?
If your business requires any of the above social distancing and hygiene awareness products or items made bespoke to your specific needs, you should contact a local printing supplier. We can create appropriate signs, banners, posters and much more – all tailored to your business branding.

You can even supply social distancing and hygiene printing products designed with information that can be used for multiple occasions, making them an even better investment.

Contact us today at Tic Media, telephone 0208 865 1941 or email, to see how we can help keep your business, employees and customers safe and compliant.

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