SEBB Grant Funding helping to save Lives…

According to UN Statistics, 78 out of the 198 countries around the world are polluted with landmines! Working with many governments as well as charitable organisations, NIC Instruments equipment is not only used to clear these areas but also plays a vital role in protecting personnel involved in the clearing process.

The equipment, systems and training they provide help teams search out and render safe a range of IED threat devices – not just landmines – ensuring the continued safety of both those involved in the defeat of the threat and the public, resulting in a safer world for all!
Designed and manufactured entirely in the United Kingdom, NIC Instruments works with military and government bodies worldwide involved in safe and peace keeping operations to offer high quality equipment at accessible prices.
Managed by Steve Wisby NIC Instruments have recently received the South East Business Boost grant which has allowed them to take their business to the next level.
The approval of their South East Business Boost application allowed them to bring in-house some processes that were previously subcontracted and invest in new powerful servers and computers to carry the complex work, previously not possible because of the stress from the high demands on their old system.
Steve said; “The grant has been great for us, helping us to improve systems and boost our productivity by allowing us to invest in the higher-level specification equipment that we wanted.” When asked if he would recommend the scheme he said, “yes, absolutely and I have. I can’t believe how easy it was to get an extra £10k into our company, and we don’t have to pay it back!”

If you are a business in Kent and would like to find out more about how SEBB can help your business grow, simply fill in the business eligibility questionnaire HERE to get the ball rolling…

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