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Give Your Clients a Branded Christmas Gift...

Get Your Corporate Christmas Gifts Here

Look no further than TiC Media - Printing to get your branded Christmas gifts. If purposefully strengthening client relationships is the aim, then we are the name in the game.

Through print management solutions we can provide you with an array of Christmas gifts for your corporate clients, fully equipped with your branding. Do not hesitate to get in touch for a free quote or to ask questions.

Bottles of wine – you could always swap the label for branded labelling with the help of a reliable print management company.
Advent calendars with company branding
• Fun branded selfie frames that clients can use at their own Christmas parties. If they are re-used at their own events, then your branding could be exposed to many other businesses.
Branded wrapping paper and gift tags. With the environment being top of the agenda for many households, more people are reusing wrapping paper. This means your branding may be passed on each Christmas to potential new clients.
• Choose branded Christmas crackers for the office party. These will serve as a general reminder about your services before bosses meet for annual reviews and setting new business aims.
By Terry Cella from Tic Media, 2 weeks ago.

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