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Working from home has its’ challenges, pitfalls & opportunities

One interesting Insight in this morning’s CBI webinar (10th March) was the age split in staff wellbeing from several companies.
Older staff it seems have a much greater affinity of wanting to work in their normal Offices, whereas it seems younger staff are much more comforable using new technoogies to do their work at home or outsid the office, collaborate with Microsoft Teams or similar video packages and share their work with Microsoft 365 etc..

It was also apparent that there is no single model of the ‘right’ hybrid working patten, it was reported that companies are still experimenting with various 2 days at home and 3 days in the office, or 4 days in the office and Wednesdays at home; What was evident was that teams / departments / Companies will all be required to develop new Policies, Procedures & Manuals to accomodate #wfh2021 but enabling Work From Home will require quite a different style of Management.

All managers, at all levels will have to be retrained in how to empower & engage remote staff, how to set realistic deadlines and how to assess the calibre of their staffs’ work remotely.

The consequences of allowing staff to work from home can be great for them, but will they do the same calibre of work, produce the same amounts of work and are your systems & management as good at telling the difference?

Do you even measure Productivity ?

By John Mather from EMC & Associates Ltd., 1 month ago.

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