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An Interview with a Hacker's Kingpin - 5th November 11.00am

Date: Thursday 5th November
Time: 11am

An Interview with a Hacker is back but this time we are going to the top. We will be interviewing the Hackers Kingpin; CEO, Andy Hague of the Cyberfort Group

We will be asking about the skills it takes to be a hacker, how a Kingpin motivates his hackers and digging deep into real world examples posing threats to organisations and individuals. We will also be discussing what it is like to run a cybersecurity business during 2020 and the challenges currently being faced.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a Hacker, the characteristics and what a good, good hacker looks like then you need to register for our event.

We’re not looking at systems, and although we’ll be talking ‘tech’, this interview will unearth what it takes to be a hacker, and what our Kingpin really thinks about our highly digitised world. We’ll get into the mind of the Kingpin and see if we can understand what motivates hackers, and understand how they choose their targets. We’ll discover what mistakes organisations (and people) make, but more importantly what we can do to keep the Bad Guys at bay.

Book your free place online and don't forget to let us know your questions:
By Jenna Bryant from The Cyberfort Group, 1 week ago.

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