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Directors can use your Health & Safety Obligations to oblige employees to help you create a CV-19 Safe environment

Useful note l made in a recent CBI Webinar:
As small business owners know, you’re all obliged to create a Safe Working Environment for all your staff & Customets, but if any of your staff refuse to cooperate with you in striving to create the safe working environment, then the Legislation which obliges you to create this safe working environment can be used by Employers to oblige staff to cooperate with you to do just that.

What is key for GDPR reasons is that small business update & maintain their existing data handling / storage / management Policies for Covid-19 and remember the guiding principal is ‘Proportionality’. Everything small businesses do with personal employees’ data must be ‘Proportionate’ to your obligations.

One of the main GDPR allowances / exemptions is for Health & Safety purposes (and you should check this with your nominated data officer or Solicitor to verify this), but GDPR does allow you to request and keep confidential employees’ personal data for all your staffs’ Health & Safety. The Public Health England representative at last week’s CBI Webinar, for example, said that they keep and store data for 21 days, then destroy it.
By John Mather from EMC & Associates Ltd., 1 week ago.

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