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Safe Workplace Distancing & Hygiene Awareness Print - Cost Only!

Cost Only Print
We know that you have an obligation to promote safety and hygiene in the workplace at a time you can least afford to do so.
To help raise awareness about safe distancing and handwashing in public areas, such as the workplace, schools, and restrooms, we've created a number of print designs free of charge, All we ask is the cost for the print.

Hygiene A-Frames - (Supply your own Design)
Hygiene Countertop Sneeze Guards - (FreeArtwork)
Hygiene Essential Workers Magnetic Vehicle Signs - (FreeArtwork)
Hygiene PPE Identification Stickers - (FreeArtwork)
Hygiene Advice Flyers - (Supply your own Design)
Hygiene Advice Leaflets - (Supply your own Design)
Hygiene Advice Posters - (FreeArtwork)
Hygiene Advice Roller Banners - (FreeArtwork)
Hygiene Advice Strut Cards - (Supply your own Design)
Hygiene Hand Washing Signage - (FreeArtwork)
Social Distance Floor Stickers - (Supply your own Design)
Social Distance Outdoor Banners - (FreeArtwork)

Please contact me, Terry Cella
TiC Media
M: 07947319272

By Terry Cella from Tic Media, 1 year ago.

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