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Could your staff complete a week’s work in 4 days instead of 5?

As a business owner, how much time do you think your office staff waste? 10% .... 20% .... 30% …. more?

If you think your staff waste 20% of their time at work, why not give them a whole day off, regularly, just work four days each week and give everyone in the office Friday off ??? Pay them exactly the same but have a 3-day weekend, every single weekend!

You’ll be amazed how much Smarter everyone works in those 4 days. Office staff quickly learn how to be 20%+ more productive, inventive and efficient, all to ensure they get that 3 day weekend, for the exactly the same pay.

Fewer late arrivals, excessive lunches, Facebook posts and unnecessarily long Tea & Coffee breaks. Staff have to work more steadily and collaboratively, knowing that if their work isn’t finished in 4 days, they’ll have to come in on Friday and work alone, in a very quiet office!

To find out how your business can be MORE PRODUCTIVE and your staff MORE MOTIVATED by working less, call me John Mather on 01622 892315 or email I offer a no obligation 1 hr initial meeting to understand your business with follow up proposal identifying the key steps to help transition to a smarter way of working!

By John Mather from EMC & Associates Ltd., 10 months ago.

I called on one Kentish company recently who recognised most of their staff had to juggle childcare & working 40 hour weeks for them, so they introduced a 4 day working pattern that facilitated all their staff to work in the office and / or their home.
The staff scheduled which days they would work in the office a week or two ahead of time (and broadly kept to it) and then organised their childcare around work.
This required the staff to plan their work, do they knew which days they had to be in the office to collaborate on key pieces of work with their co-workers and the rest of the time they could work from home, electronically swapping or submitting their work, or video conferencing in, as required.
Modern Technology facilitates these methods of working together & collaborating and accommodates staff who normally sit next to one another to network in from home.
I expect this requires much greater trust of staff and perhaps closer management if their work output, but as long as the work is all completed on time, to satisfactory standard, l doubt companies really mind if the work is done from 9-11am or 7-9pm?

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