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Learn how your business could SOAR over your lunchbreak - events in Dartford in November

Higher profits, better cashflow and greater levels of personal income – what business owner doesn’t want to learn how to permanently transform their business, bank account and life?

In November, business owners in Kent will have two opportunities to learn how to achieve these things and more, at Blue Rocket Accounting SOAR seminars.

Miguel Calabrese, Business Growth Manager and MD at Blue Rocket, is hosting two short seminars, the first taking place at The Nucleus Business and Innovation Centre on 11 November, and the second at the Basepoint Dartford B2B Networking Hub on 20 November.

Both events are free and will include opportunities for networking at the end.

You can find out more about these events by clicking here:
By Miguel Calabrese from Blue Rocket Accounting, 2 weeks ago.

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