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Government preparation for Brexit seems progressive

This morning I attended a 10-3pm Maidstone Brexit preparation hosted by KCC. #HMRC were there as were #keuhne+Nagel the freight forwarder. It seems Brexit has caused a consolidation in the import & expert business and companies are now refusing to "Go it alone" but are relying on the various Freight Forwarders to do all the work for them and are happy to pay #Keuhne+Nagel to do all that for them.

Though there are many new procedures and processes for importing & exporting good & services, it is all taking a very C21st impetus and data is at the centre of all the new trading procedures & processes.
There is not expected to be any material changes post Brexit for passengers, but importing & exporting companies will need to pre-register all their inward and outward-bound freight and if they do that there should be almost no major interruptions.
What I was very heartened to see was that 170 Pop Up customs centres will be set up around the UK, which will accelerate customs checking and documentation validation, to minimise queues at the Docks like Dover, Folkestone and Southampton.

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By John Mather from EMC & Associates Ltd., 6 days ago.

Brexit will be a process, not an event. It may start on 31st October but will unravel over the next few years in stages.

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