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Cyber Security Workshop - 18th July

Cyber Security Workshop - 18th July 2019 10am-12pm
The Computer Lady, Church Approach New Romney TN28 8AS
or call 01797 363385 for more information for tickets

Cyberattacks are an evolving danger to organizations, employees, and consumers especially with the advance of AI. They may be designed to access or destroy sensitive data or extort money. They can, in effect, destroy businesses and damage people’s financial and personal lives.

What’s the best defense? A strong cyber security system has multiple layers of protection spread across computers, networks, and programs. But a strong cyber security system relies not only on cyber defense technology, but also on people making smart cyber defense choices.

Our Workshop is aimed at small businesses to provide helpful information on ways to protect yourself and Business:

We have talks and presentations from the following:

Adrian Ford-Crush
Beaming who are ISO27001 certified internet service provider for businesses

Aimee Payne (PSE 56443)
Prevent & Protect Cyber Officer Intelligence
| Essex & Kent Serious Crime Directorate

Claire Lands
Natwest Bank to give us a banking perspective.
By Alison Gordon from The computer lady, 1 week ago.

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