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Spring 2019 HR Update


Welcome to the Spring Edition of the QBH Solutions Human Resources Update. We have put together our update with some interesting articles we think you might find useful to you and your businesses.



There has been some interesting cases involving social media lately and can be a tricky subject to manage effectively but it is important to get it right. With a lot of employees being encouraged to use social media for work there can be a fine line between business and personal use.
The easiest way to manage this area is to have a very clear social media policy within your contract or employee handbook clearly stating what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to employee social media activities.

We have come up with 5 tips to include in the policy to help you stay clear of any social media pitfalls or issues

Top Tip No 1
Include within the policy a statement making it clear that personal use of social media should be limited to break times.

Top Tip No 2
Have a clear statement making it clear that any use of social media, either in or out of work hours, that brings the name of the company, its staff or Directors into disrepute may be subject to disciplinary action.

Top Tip No 3
Make it clear what your guidelines are for business related social media posts, for example you may want to state that you are required to conduct yourself professionally at all time when making any social media posts or updates.

Top Tip No 4
As with any business or HR policy you will want to monitor it to see how effective it is and that it is being used correctly.

Top Tip No 5
If there has been a breach of the policy challenge it and if appropriate implement the relevant disciplinary procedures. Don’t forget to apply the policy consistently across the organisation if you apply it one person you should apply it to everyone.

Effective staff induction does not have to cost lots of money and last for days or even weeks. This article looks at the value of staff inductions for smaller and micro businesses and how to make them effective and cost efficient.
What is a Staff Induction?
A staff induction is about introducing your new employee into your company and explaining how your business operates. An effective induction should help them make sure they do and prevent the waste of all that energy resources and money.
A staff induction can be anything from sitting down with a new employee on their 1st day introducing them to the company and other staff members through to more detailed inductions covering all procedures, policies, departments, do’s and don’ts of the business. There is no right or wrong way but the induction must meet the needs of your business and as a minimum cover any specific health & safety issues.
How Do I Do a Staff Induction?
The 1st thing to decide is what do you want to cover within your staff induction, this can vary between organisations but consideration should be given to the following;
• Have someone meet the new employee on their 1st day
• Make sure you have all the correct contact, payment and emergency details
• Make sure they have received and understand their job description, contract and other employment documentation
• Introduce them to other staff members
• Give them a tour of the building including emergency exits and toilets etc
• Explain the evacuation plan for the building
• Explain health & safety issues and rules
• Explain housekeeping rules
• Make sure you have arranged for their work equipment to be ready and any necessary passwords, personal protective equipment and uniforms have been obtained
What can really help is to put the key points of the induction into a form or a checklist so you can work through each point and not miss anything. If you do use a checklist or a form, make sure you record the signatures of the person giving the induction and the new employee.
What Else?
A good induction helps to present your company in a professional way encouraging the new employee to adopt the values and attitude that you want to encourage. By committing some time and energy on this process it also helps to ensure that key legal and health & safety issues are addressed protecting your business from potential future issues.


As of the 1st January 2019, regulations with the Companies Act 2006 will require UK listed companies who have more than 250 employees to report annually on the gap in pay between the Chief Executive and their average UK worker. It is likely to be rolled out further at some point in the future.

25th January 2019 – Extending Pregnancy Protection – Consultation
On the 25th January 2019 a consultation was produced to extend discrimination protection during maternity and pregnancy. The consultation proposes the following;
• Extending the protected period to 6 months after Mum returns to work
• Giving parents returning from adoption or shared parental leave the same rights

We will keep you posted as this develops

6th April 2019 – Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Increase
On the 6th April 2019 SSP rose from £92.05 to £94.25, the lower earnings limit also rose from £116 to £118.

April 2020 – Annual Leave Seasonal Workers
It has been noted by the government that how annual leave and pay for seasonal workers is calculated leaves them at a disadvantage. To rectify this the government is planning to lengthen the refence period for determining an average weeks’ pay from 12 weeks to 52 weeks.

April 2020 – Written Statement of Employment Terms and Conditions
It is interned that from April next year the right to a written statement of particulars is extended to include workers (not just employees), it is expected that this will become a “day one” right rather than the two months currently available to employers.

2020 – Executive Pay Gap reports Published
It is expected that the government will publish reports on executive pay gaps, again watch this space for more information.


We hope you found this update useful and if you would like any more information on any of the issues in this HR Update or any areas of HR Management or HR Support contact us on:

01304 449043 / 07795 564089

By David Burton from QBH Solutions Ltd, 2 months ago.

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