Carpe Occasio Creative Arts

Carpe Occasio Creative Arts

Team Building through Art to aid Mental Wellbeing and increased Productivity

Located Herne Bay, Kent, UK



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CO Creative Arts runs Team Building Events with a difference.

Art is well known for increasing mental wellbeing, but did you know that it can also increase productivity!!?

All our activities are art based, attendees do not need to be creative or arty, you don't even need to know how to draw.
We will help you to create artwork you can display in your home, at your workplace, or just for fun!
Workshops from 2 hours - full day events
All resources provided by us - all we need is a table and chairs and a bit of enthusiasm.
Very competitive pricing

All events can be held at a venue of your choice, it can even be in a office or conference room, we will provide protective table covers and aprons.

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Products & Services team building

Creative Team Building sessions from 2 hours to whole day events. The idea behind these events is to aid Mental Wellbeing and increase Productivity! Art is well known to increase those happy endorphins, but did you know that it can increase productivity as well!

Products & Services two hour session

Our Two hour sessions, will focus on Art for yourself, Creative Play in a book or substrate that the delegate can build on at a later date.

Products & Services half day event

Half Day Events can be a mix of Art for yourself or Art for the workplace, or it can be concentrated on one or the other. Art for yourself will either be on sheets or in a book, Art for the Workplace will be a canvas

Products & Services full day events

Full Day Events - These will be structured so that the delegates can make a piece of art for themselves as well as a piece of Art that will be put together as a team. These pieces of Art can then be hung on an office or conference room wall. Each piece will be a canvas, and delegates will need to work together choosing colours and placements of pre-printed materials. One wrong colour and it will look like mud! Work as a team and it will be a colourful piece of Art! Delegates do not need to have any experience of Art or need to be able to draw. Just a desire to play! A study at the University of Exeter found that productivity increased by 32% when employees were involved in choosing colours and placement of artwork, imagine how much more that could increase if they made their own!!

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