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Emergency First Aid at Work Course

Spaces available in Sittingbourne for an 1 day Emergency at Work First Aid Course.

Wednesday 1st December 9am to 4 pm approx.

Learn about the following topics:

Being Safe
Best practice including prevention of Cross Contamination.
Vital Signs
Temperature, colour, pulse, breathing, level of consciousness.
Incident Handling
A Systematic approach to problem solving and decision making
Managing the unconscious casualty to ensure a safe airway, including seizures.
CPR & Choking
Dealing with the non-breathing casualty, including drowning.
Wounds & Bleeding
Dealing with external & Internal bleeding plus shock.
Minor Injuries
Small cuts, grazes & bruises, minor burns, scalds and splinters.
Record Keeping
Recording Incidents and actions.
First Aid Regulations
Awareness + First Aid Kits.

email for more details
or call 07484 546338 & speak to Jo

By Jo Humphrey from Swift First Aid Training, 1 month ago.

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