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Build Your Support Network at Marsh Network Business Circle

Small Business Owner, charity or CIC leader?

It is a lonely and sometimes stressful life being an owner or leader of a small organisation, and we cannot be an expert in every facet of running a business.
The Marsh Network Business Circle will provide a platform and support mechanism for you to engage with other business owners and leaders, share knowledge, skills and experiences, give and receive support in a peer mentoring, exclusive and Chatham House rules environment.
After 8 months of research, discussion and planning, we are launching the brand-new Marsh Network Business Circle.
The Circle is for small business owners and leaders, owners and leaders of charities and Community Interest Companies.
The Marsh Network Business Circle will also provide free access to a panel of experts in their Field, e.g. social media, accountant, Solicitor, well being etc., and quarterly review with an experienced business mentor.
Additional benefits such as free networking meetings, reduced price App and QR code and electronic business cards will be available.
To find out more take a look at
To become one of only 15 founder members and to find out more and discuss the Marsh Business Circle contact or phone me Terry Botfield on 07749 159263
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By Terry Botfield from Botfield Associates, 4 months ago.

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