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How to close the cybersecurity skills gap in your business... FREE ebook download

When it comes to cybersecurity the news stories reported are only a tiny fraction of the profusion of data breaches – big and small – that occur every day. And the attacks launched against individuals and organisations are becoming increasingly complex and serious.

In fact, 48% of UK businesses have a basic cybersecurity skills gap. Some have more specific skills gaps in areas like penetration testing and security architecture (30%) or in incident response (27%), according to government figures.

Some turn to recruitment to fill that gap – but without a foundation of knowledge themselves, they find themselves guessing their way through the process. It’s why, at Cyberfort, we think who an SMB knows can be more useful than what it knows.

Download our latest eBook as we delve into the cybersecurity skills gap and discuss:

- The pros (and cons) of hiring an inhouse cybersecurity expert
- What you should be looking for in a recruit
- How a cybersecurity partner maybe a solution to helping you close the gap

Download our eBook here:
By Jenna Bryant from The Cyberfort Group, 11 months ago.

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