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Colocation, Colocation, Colocation

Colocation, Colocation, Colocation: move your servers to a nuclear bunker in Kent

Join us in our nuclear bunker in Kent for a special – and extremely secure – edition of Colocation, Colocation, Colocation

In these uncertain times, priorities have shifted for both individuals and businesses alike. You now know that much of your workforce can work safely and productively from home. In fact, your office is probably lying almost empty at the moment – except for the servers still inside.

And that’s where our nuclear bunker in Kent comes in. Home to one of our colocation data centres, it provides you with an ultra-secure alternative to maintaining an on-premises server room.

So why move your servers to a nuclear bunker in Kent? In short, to take advantage of greater power, flexibility and security:

- Our state of the art facilities will make sure downtime is a thing of the past – your apps and data will be available whenever and wherever you need them.

- We offer a comprehensive range of colocation options to fit businesses of all sizes, and you can take advantage of Cyberfort’s proven technical knowledge and a 24/7/365 service desk.

- And of course, it’s secure. It’s a nuclear bunker, after all – you can design and build your space to your specific security requirements, and everything is compliant and ISO 27001-accredited.

Our colocation service offers peace of mind and exceptional value for money, both of which are more important now than ever. And did we mention your servers will be stored in a nuclear bunker?

Why don’t you take a look around, download a copy of latest colocation, colocation, colocation edition and book a tour:
By Jenna Bryant from The Cyberfort Group, 1 year ago.

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