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What’s your next move going to be?

When the world as you know it changes, how can you confidently make a choice about what the best course of action should be?

Commercial and private landlords have had a turbulent time in the past couple of years, and the coronavirus has further added to what can seem like endless decision-making. Currently, in our accountancy practice, we are encouraging our clients to ask themselves questions like these to help think about maximising yields:

- Are there opportunities for better rates on my borrowing?
- Do I have someone knowledgeable to fight my corner on an insurance claim?
- Have I got clarity on the next 13 weeks cashflow?
- What’s my exit plan looking like?
- Could I make a better plan to access the equity with minimal tax implications?
- How do I turn a passive income into a utilised asset?
- Can I rework the internal space to maximise income?
- Have I been left exposed by my insurance policy?
- Could I be at financially risk from out of date compliance knowledge?
- What cost savings could I make to maximise income?

Increase the chances of making the best decision by being as informed as possible. Together with our network of specialist advisers for property investors, we can help you to understand how to get your investments to work as hard as possible for you – whether you’re planning an exit or looking for opportunities to grow.

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By Miguel Calabrese from Blue Rocket Accounting, 3 weeks ago.

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