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Government loans at 6% fixed interest for 5 years For any Start Up businesses

If you’re a Start Up business that’s been trading for less than 2 years, the Government are offering you 5 year, 6% fixed-interest loans up to £25,000 for you to spend on any part of your business: IT, Marketing, New stock, More staff, vehicles, working capital expansion, etc..

These Government loans are intended to give any Start Up business a big leg up and accelerate your Growth. These loans are on top of any other Covid loans or Grants or rebates you may have qualified for or received recently.

No security is required, You pay No fees, No Personal Guarantees, all you need is proof of your address, a 1 page CV and scans of 2 months of personal bank statements. Contact me at

I have got them for 3 Maidstone businesses and am now supporting 2 businesses in Ashford to get these Government loans, which are less than half what High Street banks are asking.

By John Mather from EMC & Associates Ltd., 4 weeks ago.

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