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31 day cybersecurity challenge

Date 1st August - 31st August

Summer is upon us and it is usually a time when we aim to get beach body ready, spend time with friends and family and travel. However, the summer of 2020 is looking a little different.

So rather than getting beach body ready, we challenge you to give your cybersecurity a fitness boost this summer.

With 6 months of change, now is an ideal time to make sure that both your business and home are cyber safe. If you haven’t exercised good cybersecurity hygiene yet this year then you could be opening yourself up to all kinds of viruses. And let’s face it, one virus is enough to deal with.

In our 31 day cybersecurity challenge you will learn:

- Practical strategies that you can use to start identifying cyber risks
- What to look out for and how to spot vulnerabilities
- Access free resources that can help you stay cyber safe
- Create and stick to a plan
- Understanding your goals
- How to keep 2 metres ahead of the cyber criminals

So, join the Cyberfort team on LinkedIn throughout August and see if you are up for the challenge. We will be setting you daily tasks to help you tighten up your cybersecurity profile and be extra vigilant, as a pandemic is the perfect haven for scammers.

Don’t let the bad guys ruin your summer fun, join the challenge and change your habits. After all you can spell challenge without change!

Register today!

By Jenna Bryant from The Cyberfort Group, 4 weeks ago.

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