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Business Mentor Support at this Difficult Time...

Many challenges exist in these difficult times and later on opportunities will begin to emerge. As an experienced business Mentor I am happy to help.

The focus at the moment if you are a business where income has reduced is survival, and stage 1 is to establish what cash you need to still be in business in 3/4 months time, to help with this I have produced a simple spreadsheet which if completed effectively, will tell you how much the gap will be between income and on going costs.

At least you then know the scale of the challenge and can plan to put things on an even keel. If you would like a copy of this, email me; I am also happy to talk with you about what is happening and your business, no quick fixes, but it is good to talk.

Again email me to fix a time. this support is free of charge. The next stage is to stay positive and use spare time to plan for the future - how to stay visible, get in front of the game for when times go back to normal and put your medium term plan together, should you wish to discuss this for your business, e mail me to fix a time. Stay safe and well Terry #marshbizcoach
By Terry Botfield from Botfield Associates, 1 year ago.

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